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Children and Young People's Specialist Services

Following the recent restructure in Children's Services, work is now underway to implement the new structure, and the 0-25 SEND Team and the restructured Children's Commissioning and Quality Monitoring Team are now in place.

The 0-25 SEND Team is based at The Hub in Anlaby and includes the Children's Social Work Team (0-25) (previously known as the Children's Disability Team), and three area teams comprising Intensive Family Co-ordinators, Family Co-ordinators, Family Co-ordinators (Portage) and SEND IAG Officers. The new team will be overseen by the newly appointed 0-25 Team Manager. As with any brand new service, it will take time to become fully operational, and there are still a number of vacancies to be filled. However, work is already being undertaken to transfer cases from the previous SEN Team and the Children's Disability Team in order to ensure those families who have a child with SEND and who were previously open to the teams, continue to receive support from the new 0-25 SEND Team. The 0-25 Team Manager will then begin work with wider Children's Services to discuss and agree processes and procedures for how the team will work with those services, including referral criteria from teams outside Specialist Services.

The SEN Team have merged with the Children's Commissioning and Quality Monitoring Team, with the previous EHCP Co-ordinators now known as EHC Commissioning Officers. The EHC Commissioning Officers will continue to lead on co-ordinating the EHC Planning process, ensuring a focus on creating person centred, outcomes focussed EHC Plans. They will also commission any required provision identified in the plans that cannot be provided in-house. The wider commissioning team will work closely with the EHC Commissioning Officers to identify themes and trends, and gaps in provision in order to inform future commissioning and the development of services in the East Riding.

0-25 years
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0-25 SEND Team
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SEND and EHC Plans
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