Post 16 Transport

Help with transport costs for over 16s

Local authorities have to publish a statement specifying the support available for students of  sixth form age to help them get to and from a school, college or training. This includes young people who attend a special school sixth form.  Please find the link to the Policy Statement for 2018-19 Post 16 Transport below:

Post 16 Policy Statement for 2018 -19 - East Riding of Yorkshire council website ( external website)

The East Riding's statement outlines the support for students with learning difficulties and/or disabilities who are aged 16 – 24 and are unable to travel to school or college independently. Assessments are made on an annual basis. Transport provided for qualifying students of sixth form age with learning difficulties and/or disabilities will be subject to a £540 contribution payment (£270 for students from low income families).  In exceptional circumstances the local authority may consider a reduction in this payment. More information is included in the policy statement referred to above.

Paying the contribution for post 16 transport

To arrange to pay the contribution towards the cost of post 16 home to school/college transport for a learner with learning difficulties and/or disabilities you can visit:

Arrange to pay the contribution for post 16 transport (external website)

Further information about school transport services

If you would like any further explanation or any other help/advice, please contact us on 

Email: school.transport@eastriding.gov.uk