The Hub School and Specialist Services

This alternative education provider delivers high quality provision in the following areas:

  • Key Stage 3 full time provision for pupils with an EHCP
  • Key Stage 4 full time provision for pupils including those with an EHCP
  • Short term education provision for pupils who are dual registered with their home school

The Hub School also provides Commissioned Placements for Key Stage 4 pupils made available to maintained schools, academies and the Council that provides an individualised learning experience for learners identified as the most vulnerable, challenging and ‘difficult to reach’ learners who meet the admission criteria.

We believe in a holistic approach to education because:

  • The effective development of social and emotional skills as well as academic skills is essential for young people to become successful citizens;
  • social and emotional skills, like academic skills, need to be explicitly taught and nurtured;
  • young people need access to a wide range of opportunities and experiences to develop their social, emotional skills and promote their self-confidence, self-esteem and aspirations.

We believe that alternative provision should be highly personalised to the individual needs of students because:

  • every young person is unique and complex. They have their own personalities, personal circumstances, experiences, interests, aspirations; abilities and barriers to learning;
  • to maximise engagement and accelerate social, emotional and academic progress, learning programmes need to recognise all of the above and be designed around the individual person.

We believe that alternative provision should provide students with high quality academic learning opportunities because:

  • the acquisition of good literacy and numeracy skills and GCSEs in English and Maths are absolutely essential to success in education and life;
  • the acquisition of a range of GCSEs and GCSE equivalent qualifications is essential to young peoples’ self-esteem and their progression onto post 16 qualifications and employment.

We believe that alternative provision should provide students with high quality vocational learning opportunities because Vocational Learning enables students to:

  • raise their achievement and accreditation rates;
  • enhance their practical skills and knowledge;
  • engage in learning that is directly relevant to the world of work;
  • interact better within the adult community, thus increasing their opportunities within FE and the labour market;
  • progress successfully onto post-16 opportunities as pathways are already established.


Contact information:

The contact for referrals to all aspects is via the school administration office.

(01482) 304200

Headteacher is Paul Grimes