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Health Services

Community Paediatric Medical Service
The Community Paediatric Medical Service assesses health needs and provides ongoing management and support for children and young people with developmental problem's, such as developmental delay and associated disorders.  The team also contributes significantly to the interagency care, management and support of children with identified disabilities and complex needs such as cerebral palsy, and those with long-term conditions such as Down’s Syndrome where additional needs will require ongoing support into adulthood.

The Service also contributes to the assessment of children with suspected Autism Spectrum Disorders in conjunction with the East Riding multi-professional team.  Our emphasis is on the medical aspect of the assessment.

The Service has a statutory role in partnership with the local authority in relation to health assessments for children with Special Educational Needs which may impact on school attendance and attainment.  The information from the assessment will form part of the Education, Health and Care Plan. 

The Service also has a statutory role in relation to health assessments for children who are Looked After (LAC) by the local authority and those put forward for Adoption.

The Service supports children from 0 -16 years (up to 25 years for children and young people with certain long-term conditions, depending on their needs and wishes and relevant to service provision)
0-16 ( 16-25 some exceptions apply)
Location and access
Our main base is The Marfleet Primary Health Care Centre, Preston Road, Hull.  We have outreach clinics for outpatients’ consultations around Beverley, Bridlington, Goole and Hull.
Access to this service
Access to our Service is by referral via the Single Point of Access (SPOA) team.  We receive referrals from a range of professionals who may be involved in the care of your child including the Education Service, GP’s and hospital doctors, Speech & Language Therapists, Health Visitors and School Nurses.  All referrals are reviewed by a doctor in the team

On some occasions, we may receive a referral not appropriate to our service; in these cases we endeavour to give the referring professional an explanation of why we cannot accept the referral.  Unfortunately, we are not able to accept self- referrals from parents, children or young people.

How we communicate with children, young people with SEND and their families
Communication is through face-to-face contact with children, young people and their families in the clinics. We are not trained in the use of sign language.  The Service uses the interpreter service when English is not the first language, as necessary.
Registered service and regulatory body
All of the Medical staff are fully registered with the General Medical Council (GMC)
Training acquired to support children and young people with SEND and their families
All of the Medical staff have the relevant training and qualifications in line with the GMC’s requirements.  All nursing staff have qualifications and training in line with the requirements set out by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).  All staff, including receptionists and administrators, receive regular training to meet the needs of children and their families with special needs including Safeguarding Children, Equality and Diversity and Prevent training.
Contact information
Main telephone number is (01482) 221261. 
The Business Support Centre for City Health Care Partnership is (01482) 347620. 
Contacts for comments, compliments and complaints
You can contact the Customer Care Advisor
City Health Care Partnership CIC
5 Beacon Way,
HU3 4AE,
Tel: (01482) 347 627

General information
Further information about our service can be found on:
City Health Care Partnership website ( external website )

Children and Young People Services information- City Health Care Partnership CIC (External website)

Enquiries can be made by completing the 'contact Us' form available on both the websites above.

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