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A range of services for children and young people including outpatient services, paediatricians, health teams for children in care and dental services.

Paediatric Audiology Service (PAS)
The Paediatric Audiology Service (PAS) is provided by the Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust.

Services provided include:
•    Neonatal hearing screening, to identify babies with a permanent hearing loss, which may require intervention.
•    Audiological assessment of pre-school children referred from a number of sources, such as GPs, health visitors, speech therapists, paediatricians, ENT surgeons etc. These children are seen in purpose built facilities by specialist trained audiologists with audiological physician support and input.
•    Older age groups are usually referred by GPs and school nurses, often due to failing a routine school nurse test or concerns from teachers or parents. The assessment may also be part of the reports for the SEN process.
•    Hearing aid provision and long-term after care for all children identified as having a permanent hearing loss. These children receive joint care by the specialist local health and education departments.
•    We also refer children who meet the criteria, to regional centres for specialist treatments such as bone-anchored hearing aids and cochlear implants.

0-18 years
Location and access
There are 3 clinic venues in the district of Hull and East Yorkshire:
•    East Riding Community Hospital in Beverley - The audiology sound-proof suite is designed specifically for the testing of all age groups and has all the specialist equipment required for a full range of assessments. Habilitation (hearing aid provision) services for East Riding children take place at this venue, attended also by their local Teacher of the Deaf (ToD)
•    Bransholme Health Centre in East Hull
This facility has the same specifications as East Riding Community Hospital and provides the same level of services.
•    Hull Royal Infirmary
The audiology services at this site are restricted to the audiological assessment of older children, usually aged 4+ years due to limited paediatric facilities.

The venues at both East Riding Community Hospital and and Bransholme Health Centre have easily accessible and free parking. Hull Royal Infirmary however, has limited and charged parking. All clinics have designated disabled parking areas.
Access to this service
Paediatric Audiology Service (PAS) requires either a hard copy or electronic referral form by email to from a health or allied professional. After a child has been seen in the clinic the parents are able to self-refer in the future, if necessary.
Who this service is for
The accepted age group is 0-18 years, but occasionally we will continue to review children with additional needs, e.g. Down’s Syndrome children, until age 19+ if they are still in education or request it.
How we communicate with children, young people with SEND and their families
The medical and audiologist support staff work closely with a number of fully-qualified local Teachers of the Deaf, who attend the weekly hearing aid clinics, and who are proficient with British Sign Language and Makaton.
Training acquired to support children and young people with SEND and their families
The Paediatric Audiology Service (PAS)  is a medically-led service, by a senior paediatrician with a Master’s Degree in Audiology. A team of senior paediatric audiologists including Clinical Scientists both support the doctor and conduct their own clinics. These clinics are diagnostic, behavioural and habilitative.
Contact information
The Paediatric Audiology Service (PAS) administrative office is located at Castle Hill Hospital
First floor of the Admin Block within Entrance 1B
HU16 5JQ
Telephone (01482) 623072
Contacts for comments, compliments and complaints
Dr Stephanie Kelly, PAS Medical Lead:
(Associate Specialist Paediatric Audiologist)
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