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Other health services

A range of services for children and young people including outpatient services, paediatricians, health teams for children in care and dental services.

Paediatric Continence Products Assessment Service
The East Riding Clinical Commissioning Group commissions a Paediatric Continence Products Assessment Service for children and young people.  The health care provider contracted to deliver this service from 1st July 2015 is City Health Care Partnerships CIC.
Children and young people may need continence products for a variety of reasons including disability, long term conditions or shorter periods of time due to particular health needs. 
All children who require continence products need an initial assessment to determine their needs and which product and size is most suitable to meet them. They will then require review assessments as they grow and their needs change.  
The service aims to work in partnership with children, young people and their families to ensure that they receive continence products which meet their needs to enable them to manage their condition as discreetly and effectively as possible and to engage in life socially, emotionally and physically as fully as possible.
Following assessment if there is a need for further advice, support and treatment around continence issues our Health & Development Practitioners will work with families, health visitors and school nurses.  In some instances this may reduce the need for continence products in the future.

Location and access
Continence product assessments are completed in clinics and the special school environment.  Occasionally assessments will be completed in other establishments across East Riding due to the need of the child and his/her family.  Reviews are often completed over the phone however there may be times when a visit is necessary.

The service will be available from a range of suitable settings across the East Riding CCG area to provide the best possible access, convenience and discretion to avoid any stigma. This could include:
•    Child or young person’s home
•    Children’s Centre’s or Early Years settings
•    Community Health settings
•    School / college (including special schools)
•    Other community locations.
Where possible and appropriate, a choice of location will be offered.
Access to this service
Referrals are accepted from health care professionals and parents/carers.
The preferred method of referral is electronic via our Single Point of Access inbox using an electronic referral form available from the contact below.  Referrals should be password protected u Faxed referrals will be accepted via our safe haven fax if the referee does not have access to a computer.
All referrals will be triaged within 1 working day or receipt and contact with families will be made by a member of our service to offer a clinic appointment within 7 working days.

Who this service is for
The Paediatric Continence Products Assessment Service accepts referrals for triage for children and young people aged *4-18 who are: • Registered with a NHS ERY CCG GP or reside in the NHS ERY CCG catchment area and are not registered with any GP • Looked After Children placed in East Riding of Yorkshire CCG area by other authorities • Looked after children originally from the East Riding of Yorkshire who are living out of the area. *Very occasionally a child younger than 4 years old may be
How we communicate with children, young people with SEND and their families
Mostly verbal communication is used however staff will endeavor to use other methods of communication where appropriate i.e. electronic communication, pictures etc.

Registered service and regulatory body
City Health Care Partnership is a community interest company and registered with the Care Quality Commission.
Training acquired to support children and young people with SEND and their families
Our service employs Registered Children’s Nurses, Registered Adult Nurses, Registered Learning Disability Nurses, Health & Development Practitioners with a nursery nurse qualification.  Staff are experienced in meeting the needs of children with complex health needs and additional needs such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and those children and young people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders.
Opening times
Cost of service and payment options
Contact information
Contacts for comments, compliments and complaints
Customer Care Advisor
5 Beacon Way
Tel: (01482) 347627

Alternatively your nurse may be able to assist you and be delighted to receive any compliments or discuss any concerns that you may have regarding the service.

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