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Universal Activities

For more information about universal activities in the East Riding, please visit

FISH directory (external East Riding website - opens in new window)

Events brochures (external East Riding website - opens in new window)

Schools Out (external East Riding website - opens in new window)

Countryside Events booklet (external East Riding website - opens in new window)

SEND Activities

Find your nearest sports and swimming clubs, as well as a range of other activities below. 

ERYDSA Haltemprice DolphinsDisability swimming, Haltemprice Dolphins, ERYDSA, swimming,
FiNDersFind, find charity, finders, person centred, social club
Football - Beverley Town Pan DisabilityTickton, Beverley, Pan disability football, disability football,...
Football - Beverley Whitestar RhinosBeverley Whitestar Rhinos, Beverley, Whitestar, Rhinos, Football,...
Football - Cottingham Rangers (16+ years)Disability football, adult disability football, Cottingham,...
Football - Cottingham Rangers Pan Disability Disability, disabled, football, FA, teams, sports, clubs, Cottingham,...
Football - DS ActiveTigers Trust, Football, Downs syndrome, DS Active
Football - DS Active (York)
Football - Goals Soccer Centre Pan DisabilityDisability, football, disabled, disabilities, team, sport, activity
Football - SceneScene, disability football, adult disability football, Hull,
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