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Libraries and reading

Below are a list of services and books offered by libraries to help children with additional needs enjoy reading.

To access these books you need to be a member of East Riding Libraries. Please visit the join the library page on the council website (external site) to register.

Please visit the library finder for your local libraries contact details.
Find your nearest library - East Riding Council Website (external website) 

To view all books in the disability resource (East Riding Council external website)

LOOK AHEAD library
The LOOK AHEAD Library offers a range of titles for parents, professionals and children on subjects relating to special educational needs and disabilities.

Look Ahead collection (external Council website)
Any age
Location and access
The books are held at Beverley Library, but they can be ordered online and delivered to your local library or mobile library.
Access to this service
You can access these books by visiting Beverley library or requesting them online to be delivered to your local library or mobile library.
Who this service is for
All disabilities.
Cost of service and payment options
This is a free service.
Contact information
Contact details for each library can be found on the council's website.
Library finder - East Riding of Yorkshire Council (external website)
There is no map available for this service
Page last updated: Wednesday, 24 October 2018