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Autism Seminar - Understanding Autism

We will be running Understanding Autism Seminars in the Autumn term.

This is for Parents/ Carers only to attend.
Due to restricted availability, we can only offer one place per family at this time.

The session is open to parents/carers who would like to know more about Autism, including:

  • What is Autism?
  • How autism affects social communication.
  • Practical ideas for developing communication strategies.

The Seminar will run from 10am to 12.15pm. Please arrive no more than 10 minutes before the start of the session. Drinks are not provided.

Please provide your own pens and paper if you would like to take notes. Booklets to accompany the session are available from should you wish to have one to refer to during the seminar (this is optional).

The room will be well ventilated, please bring warm clothing.

For further information or to book your place on this seminar, use the contact information below.


County Hall, Beverley, rooms 2 and 3
TBC Beverley area
Bridlington North Library
Goole Council Chambers

Times: 10:00 - 12:15



Telephone: (01482) 394000 option 4 option 2

The Pantomime Adventures of Peter Pan - 14 December to 03 January

Singing sensation Michael Auger from Britain's Got Talent winners Collabro will headline in the starring role of Peter Pan, in the Pantomime Adventures of Peter Pan this Christmas.

Hoist the mainsail for ship-loads of pantomime-style nautical naughtiness with the boy who never grew up in The Pantomime Adventures of Peter Pan.

Join Wendy, Michael and John Darling as they fly from the rooftops of Victorian London with Peter to join the Lost Boys and the fairy Tinker Bell in Never Land where Captain Hook is on a mission to outwit and out-manoeuvre our hero.

This year's production promises to be more spectacular than ever featuring all of the traditional elements of pantomime combined with dazzling scenery and costumes, bucket-loads of laughter and awe-inspiring flying guaranteed to entertain all the family.

For dates, times and relaxed performances please visit the Brid Spa website.

SEND Local Offer Bulletin

SEND Local Offer Bulletin - Edition 42 - 16 September 2021

You can view the latest SEND Bulletin below:

SEND Local Offer Bulletin - Edition 42 - 16 September 2021 (pdf 276kb)

For information about SEND Local Offer LOOK AHEAD and to register with the service, please visit the LOOK AHEAD page or contact the FISH helpline:

Tel: (01482) 396469

Have your say on East Riding of Yorkshire Council's proposed Home to School or College Transport Policy

Visit the council's website via the link below to preview the policy and have your say via the online survey:

Survey - Home to School or College Transport

Best Endeavours Duty

The Best Endeavours Duty information has been added to the SEN support in schools page. Please open the panel entitled 'What can I expect the education provider to provide?' to read about it.

Freedom Activity Support Payment (FASP) - Monitoring Forms

Monitoring forms are now being sent to families for the second payment of this year's FASP (new applications are now closed), they have been sent out the email addresses of applicants and addresses of those who have applied by post.

Monitoring forms need to be returned to the FASP team by Monday 4th October 2021.
Applications received after the 4th of October cannot be processed and second payments cannot be released. If you send your monitoring form via email you will receive an automated response indicating we have received your documents (If you do not get this automated response, please re-send it).

Monitoring forms will be processed against the existing application and criteria with the second payment made as soon as possible.

If you are struggling to complete the monitoring form online or via email, please contact the 0-25 SEND Team on (01482) 394000 option 5 then option 2 for support.

Anybody returning a monitoring form via post will need to call the 0-25 SEND Team (as above) to let us know you have posted it to ensure we have a record of when it was sent.

Barton Inclusive FC logo

Barton Inclusive FC - Ability Counts Football in Hull

A competitive PAN Disability football provision for people aged 15 and over:

Ability Counts Football in Hull leaflet (pdf 175kb)

Ofsted Area SEND Inspection - Children, Young People and the Voluntary and Community Sector Survey

With the Ofsted Area SEND Inspection due, it is important that the Inspectors have the opportunity to speak to children and young people with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND) living in East Riding, as well as a wide range of professionals who work with them.

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council are currently working with ERVAS, KIDS, East Yorkshire Parent Carer Forum, The Young Leaders of East Riding (TYLER) group, Hear Me Out (YPEG) and Superstars, to ensure that children and young people, as well as professionals (paid and unpaid) from the Voluntary and Community Sector, have the opportunity to tell the Inspectors what they think.

You can choose to complete one of the following 3 surveys, which are all now ready:

  • Young people's written survey
  • Young people's picture survey
  • Voluntary and community sector survey

It would be great if you could share these with children and young people with SEND and help them to complete it where needed, or with any VCS groups that you think would be interested. There is no current deadline, as the surveys will run until Ofsted announce the date they are coming to East Riding. If any children or young people would like to attend the zoom meeting with inspectors, they can email

You can access all of the surveys here:

SEND Local Offer Bulletin


This summer Active East Riding is participating in the Holiday Activities and Food programme (HAF)

To keep up to date with our HAF programme and to sign up to our newsletter, please go to our website.

Autism assessment pathway - please provide important feedback

Would you like to provide important feedback on your experience of accessing the autism assessment pathway in East Yorkshire? We are researching how the process of autism assessment fits with other services in the region and how you experienced the pathway.

ECADA Poster (pdf 491kb)


St Anne's 'Topping Out' celebration for the new site

St Annes recently celebrated their traditional 'Topping out' ceremony on the new Hessle site, and the press release below recently featured in the Pocklington Post and will soon feature in the Yorkshire Post.

Pocklington Post - St Annes School and Sixth Form College celebrates traditional topping-out ceremony (external website)

East Riding of Yorkshire Council celebrated a key milestone in the construction of the £20.3 million St. Anne's School and Sixth Form College and supported housing project with a traditional 'topping out' ceremony (pdf 307kb)

Online parent carer sessions

East Riding of Yorkshire Council Specialist Services have worked in partnership with East Riding Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), the East Yorkshire Parent Carer Forum (EYPCF) and The Young Leaders of East Riding (TYLER) to develop a range of online parent carer sessions on a range of different topics, please see the attached document for further information and booking links

East Riding of Yorkshire SEND Parent Carer Sessions (pdf 577kb)

SENDIAS service update from 1 September 2021

The Local Authority has a requirement to commission a SENDIAS (Special Educational Needs and Disability Information, Advice and Support Service) for parent/carers, children and young people with special educational needs or/and disabilities up the age of 25. The service offers free, confidential, impartial information, advice, support and advocacy covering SEND issues including health and social care.

In August 2020, the Local Authority published a statement via the local offer explaining that the current SENDIAS Service contracts were ending in August 2021. A co-produced consultation was carried out to determine what the preferred model of service delivery was for the SENDIAS service moving forward.

In January 2021, the outcome of the consultation was published on the Local Offer. In-line with the feedback received it was decided that the Local Authority would proceed with an external SENDIAS service for all service users as opposed to a separate service for parents/carers and children and young people. Whilst the feedback indicated a high level satisfaction with East Riding SENDIAS Service, the evaluation process highlighted that an external service was the preference by a small percentage - 9%. A tender exercise was undertaken to identify an external provider to deliver the SENDIAS service.

Despite a rigorous, extended tendering process, no bids were received from external providers. East Riding of Yorkshire Council has a legal responsibility to provide a SENDIAS Service and ensure there is no gap in provision for its service users. In light of no bids being received and the consultation feedback, the decision has been taken to commission one service for all service users and this will be delivered by the existing East Riding SENDIAS Service who are an impartial and arm's length team. The feedback received via the consultation about the SENDIAS service delivery will be used to design the service from 1 September 2021.

Further information about the SENDIAS service from 1 September 2021 will be published in the coming months.

If you have any queries, please contact the Children's Commissioning and Quality Monitoring Team at or (01482) 394000 option 6.

Domiciliary Care Short Breaks - Support consultation findings

You can view the consultation results in the document below:

Domiciliary Care Short Breaks - Support consultation findings (pdf 456kb)

SENDIAS Consultation August - October 2020

You can download the consultation findings report as a PDF via the link below:

SENDIAS Consultation August- October 2020 findings report (pdf 300kb)

Personal Transport Budget update

Personal transport budgets (PTB) are an alternative way for the council to deliver statutory home to school or college transport for pupils who are eligible for support to their educational establishment. East Riding of Yorkshire Council has been running its current PTB model for the last four years.

After reflecting on the uptake of the current model, learning lessons from formal and informal feedback, focused meetings and national research a new PTB model has been developed and will be piloted from January 2021. This new model will be piloted with a small group of families, whose children are currently in receipt of one-to-one transport support (eligible children and young people). These families will be invited by letter to join us in further developing the new model and its processes.

The pilot will be reviewed regularly with the families involved in the pilot and other stakeholders.

We are hopeful that after some fine-tuning with the initial pilot group and further consultation, the new model can be rolled-out further to more families.

We will provide information on our progress over the next few months.

Families not invited to be part of the initial pilot will continue to be able to access the current three-tiered PTB model.

Film poster for Pixar short, Loop

Image author or copyright owner - Pixar

Film Review - Loop (2020)

Set in a summer camp, a non-verbal autistic girl called Renee and a boy named Marcus are placed together to go on the lake in a canoe. This is the first time Disney Pixar have featured a non-verbal autistic character. It shows the difficulty two different people have communicating with each other.

Renee uses her phone and the ringtone repeatedly as a coping mechanism. Marcus doesn't understand at first Renee's constant use of her ringtone. Marcus asks Renee to tell him what to do, she shows him a poo emoji. Marcus paddles the canoe towards some toilets and Renee forgets about her needs when she touches some reeds (some autistic people experience high sensory stimulation). When Marcus takes them out of the reeds Renee starts to moan expressing discomfort and wants to go back in. Marcus touches the reeds himself, he realised that Renee likes the touch of the reeds against her hands.

When they leave the reeds Renee starts to play with her phone again, Marcus takes them into a cave and encourages Renee to play her ringtone. It echoes and Renee gets excited by the sounds - until it overwhelms her and she starts to panic.

Marcus takes her back to land and Renee lashes out throwing her phone which goes in the water. Renee pulls the canoe over and hides underneath. Marcus waits and finally Renee calms down playing with the reed that Marcus gave her and mimicking her ringtone.

They both get back in the canoe and head back to camp.

I say this short film tells us an important lesson that everyone is different but not everyone understands autistic needs, I can relate to a lot of Renee's feelings. I think that everybody should watch this film as it would help them understand some of the needs and challenges people with autism might experience. It also shows us that we can communicate without words and with patience and understanding we can all connect.

Review written by Fin Clark, aged 14

Autism Jigsaw news

Autism Awareness Courses

Sessions are open to all parents and professional/practitioners.
Courses are for those parents whose child has a diagnosis. Please note that it is expected that parents attend the first course - Exploring Autism Course.

Attendees must be over 16 years of age

For information on the Autism courses/seminars: and to book your place, please wordcomplete the booking form and return it to Email:

ASC session booking form (word 68 kb, opens in new window)

Tel: (01482) 394000 (option 4 or option 2)

Autism Sensory Needs Seminar

Sessions are currently postponed due to the current COVID-19 restrictions.

Single Route of Redress - National Trial - Extending Powers of the First-tier Tribunal (SEND)

The Department for Education announced on Monday 4 November 2019 that the national trial of the single route of redress will be extended from 31 March 2020 to 31 August 2020. In line with Schedule 2 of the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014 (external .Gov.UK website) - which requires all local areas in England to publish details in their Local Offer for ‘notifying parents and young people of their right to appeal a decision of the local authority to the Tribunal’ – you will need to update your website with the new end date. To help you in fulfilling this duty we have attached sample text that can be used on your site.

Updated the information and resources in the SEND National Trial Toolkit (external sendpathwayfinder website)

Updated Guidance (pdf, 306kb) on the national trial.

For more information visit the Education, Health and Care Plan page of the Local Offer under the question 'What can I do if I disagree with the decisions made about any aspect of the Education, Health and/or Social Care provision?'

Peer Challenge

During April, East Riding of Yorkshire Council invited a 'Peer Challenge' which focussed on 3 broad areas of SEND activity. The peer challenge team, made up of four senior colleagues from other authorities within the region, were on site for 3 days, undertaking a series of meetings with staff across education, health and care services, parents and carers, children and young people, as well as site visits to settings. Council officers have subsequently met with the EYPCF and other partners to review the helpful feedback, which confirmed much of our self-evaluation (SEF), and to consider suggestions for further development. A copy of the full report is also attached below. If parents or carers have any questions regarding the peer challenge process or the detail within the report, please contact the EYPCF.

Peer Challenge Report (pdf 323kb opens in new window)