Fantastic Feedback!

Feedback about Christine Elliott – Teacher of the Deaf (SaPTS)

I just wanted to thank you for all of your support with C over his primary school years. Your support has enabled him to have a positive school life, ensuring his hearing needs have been met at all times, and ensuring teachers were following your advice. As a parent, it can feel difficult to speak to teachers and explain about his hearing loss, or to find time when they’re not busy. So we really value your time with him and the school.


Feedback about Claire Hasson

Claire (Hasson), has been amazing, very supportive, informative, understanding and has enabled us to progress with the support and care we desperately needed for Beau. Claire is an asset to your team. Claire goes above any beyond and works closely with other departments to ensure continuity in the support provided.


Feedback about the Sensory and Physical Teaching Service (SaPTS)

SaPTS received the following email from Lindsey Jane Rousseau, the facilitator for NatSIP:

Thank you also to the East Riding service for your support of NatSIP.

best wishes


SaPTS has trialled new innovations for NatSIP and its Lead Teachers. Sarah Fox and Donna Brady have sat on National Working party groups which are designed to improve outcomes for Hearing Impaired & Visually Impaired Children and Young People.

Congratulations from a Councillor

Following the SEND Board meeting this afternoon (9 June 2022), Cllr Aitken wanted to say congratulations on the success of the pop-up pods, delivered by the 0 - 25 SEND Team, and she wants to ensure that all elected members are aware of them so they can be promoted across the authority to increase maximum participation to ensure early intervention from services.

EHCP Fantastic feedback

The link below opens a PDF of a feedback form the team received about the Education Health Care Plan:

EHCP fantastic Feedback (pdf 142kb)

Fantastic feedback about Hayley Kilkenny

Hayley has been a great support to me and my child. She has gone above and beyond the call of duty. She is worth so much more than her weight in gold. Hayley helped me gain confidence in myself and encouraged me to become a stronger person and to believe in myself. In turn this helped to develop a better relationship between myself and my child. Hayley is very knowledgeable and had so much information that was very valuable and helpful to know.'

It is a very good and valuable service (0-25 SEND Team) with a team of very dedicated people, whom have the families and their concerns they work with, very much at the centre of all they do for them.

Fantastic Feedback about Ros Pudsey

"Ros (Pudsey) has been a terrific support to me and managing my son's challenges and helping me do the best for him."

Fantastic Feedback about Karen Calvert, Portage worker in the 0 - 25 SEND Team

Thank you letter - Karen Calvert


It’s rare in life that you meet a truly beautiful soul. The moment you walked into our lives I knew I had met one. I truly believe the road I have travelled would have been impassable if not for you. Your kindness, knowledge and genuine care has seen me through some truly dark times.

I have watched my children flourish thanks to you. There are simply no words to amply describe how truly grateful I am. I must say that I will miss you tremendously. I will never forget you and will continue to speak about you forever. You have made a massive impact on both of my children and myself.

I wish you endless amounts of love, luck, happiness and peace.

All my love, gratitude and respect,

[Name of parent and two children]

Fantastic Feedback about Clare Withell

"Clare (Withell) has been the most amazing portage support worker for our daughter, *****. She has provided play therapy sessions to *****, supported us as parents, and me in particular as the main carer of *****. She always gave me her time, empathised with me, helped me when I needed advice or guidance, and nothing was ever too much trouble. I can honestly say when our involvement with Clare has to come to an end, there will be a big, gaping hole in our lives. The 0-25 SEND team are lucky to have Clare on their team."


"We have been so lucky to see Clare (Withell). She's so kind, knowledgeable and empathetic. I just wish we could see her for longer."

Feedback on the Local Offer

"Last week I saw the Local Offer. The local offer was way much better than the previous one. The document talks to you and it is a joy reading the document . It is colourful which is very helpful and nicely laid out. I especially like the separate sections of each activity on the Local Offer. I only have positives to share on the presentation of the Local offer.

"We need to add more activities for children and young adults to encourage independence.

"Thanks a lot and I am sure we will do a better job than the previous years."

Fantastic feedback about Hayley, Brett and Sam

The following Fantastic Feedback was received via the 0 - 25 SEND Team's Children and Young People's Feedback Survey.

If you would like to complete this survey, please click the button below:

Smartsurvey.co.uk/CYP Feedback

Hayley Kilkenny

Parent/carer: Helen C.

Comment: “My 0 to 25 worker is fantastic and the support for my son is amazing I could not do without her.”


Staff: Brett Wilds

Parent/carer:  Kirsty D.

Comment: “Brett helped me get my daughter get my daughter to the school she needed to be at to help her with her learning and was also there to help me as well.”

Staff: Sam Hare

Parent/carer: Anonymous

Comment: “Samuel has always had our daughters needs in mind and when we were recruiting for a new DP worker he was instrumental in finding the right person.”

Work provided by Sam Wright, 0-25 SEND Team, Family Coordinator

See the letter received from Stanley...

Dear Sam Letter

Helen Myers, Family Coordinator, 0 – 25 SEND team - feedback

"Helen is a brilliant help for my family and digs deep to help where she can. It’s been hard not being able to do face-to-face meetings so she can meet Alayna due to COVID but we’ve been able to use teams etc to still be able to contact. I’m really happy with the service provided by Helen." (Sophie Giblin, parent/carer).

Parents' thoughts on the Education and Psychology Service training

The Educational Psychology Service (EPS) delivered 2 different training sessions and this was some feedback received from 3 different parent carers:

Training: autism and anxiety

"Engaging presenters who delivered the topic in a considerate way."

Training: an introduction to autism:

"Overall, an outstanding presentation and a chance to question subject matter experts on any, and all aspects of this subject."

"Confidently presented with clarity and ease."

Fantastic Feedback for Holly Strafford, an EHCO, from 3 separate parents

  1. "Hi Holly, Thank you so much for contacting me earlier, and for your understanding and support...we really want to make it clear that we are very grateful for all the hard work by you and your team over the past years."

  2. "I know you have done your best for her and me, we really appreciate it. Thank you."

  3. "Thank you soo much for the help you are giving."

Feedback from 'Bobi'

"Sam (Wright) and Natalie (Dodsdale) have been absolutely fantastic, both have always been contactable, held my hand through the whole process, kept me up to date throughout, which I can't thank them enough because I understand how heavy the caseloads are. They've strived to allow my children gain access to the essential services necessary for them to participate within the education system. Sam has only been our 0-25 coordinator for a short time and already she's helped us immensely. I definitely could not have taken this journey without her help.

"I cannot emphasis enough how important a contribution they have made to us as a family."

Feedback about Claire Clarkson, Education, health and care (EHC) co-ordinator (EHCCO)

Feedback from the SENCo at Beverley Grammar School to Claire Clarkson, EHCCO:

"You are amazing! I really do appreciate how fabulous you are and how you support us as a school and the students." 

And then from a parent also to Claire Clarkson: 

"Morning Claire,  just a quick email to say thank you for Friday, and for your support over the last weeks.  I feel so much better about things in regards to L****, I think the changes at 'school' will really make a difference and the transport aspect, I think, will be an absolute game changer – so thank you very much – it was lovely to meet you in person :-)."

Anonymous #1

"My son's 0 to 25 Family Co-ordinator Iwona has always been accessible, responsive, friendly and supportive. 

She understands how important good, easy, timely and consistent communication is for families like ours who have so many difficulties and concerns to deal with.

A great example of this is that recently Iwona contacted me unexpectedly by telephone asking if it was a good time to talk. She advised me she was changing roles and that we would have a new Family Coordinator. She took the time to check how we were doing and asked if we needed anything and even said if we had any issues in the future I could still contact her. Then reassurance that she had passed on our history and information to our new worker was given.  She gave me the contact details and background of our new Family Coordinator and arranged a time for her to call me to introduce herself and advise when our next contact/review would be. This call happened as arranged and was much appreciated. 

This very positive experience stands out and is what Parent/Carers and our Children and Young People need to feel informed and respected."

Student C

I really appreciate all that you've done to improve C's EHCP, so thank you for taking the time to do this for him. The higher funding level you achieved is also brilliant and will make such a difference to his level of support in school.

Sorry if C's case has been stressful your end. I've got a childcare background, and I just want things to be as best as they can be to give C the best possible start so I hope you can understand.

A young person from Hear Me Out YPEG (Youth and Participation Engagement Group)

Please see a message on behalf of the young person from Hear Me Out YPEG (Youth and Participation Engagement Group), who has asked me to share with you all the below after I shared your feedback with her today regarding the group's contribution to the creation of a coproduction charter, (please see these views and ideas on the Coproduction page:

"Hi everyone,

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for sending the feedback to Darren for me. It is greatly appreciated you all taking on my views, as I want it all to help make things better for people. Hearing a thank you from you all makes it better and makes us want to get involved again in things like this."

Hannah and Harrison

Our son Harrison was referred to Early Help and Support, and Portage via our health visitor in 2015, when he was presenting behaviours relating to social communication difficulties. With this help and support, Harrison was diagnosed with autism and global development delay in 2017.

Harrison also received and Educational Health Care Plan EHCP, which enabled Harrison to secure a place at the specialist school, St Anne's.

We cannot thank the National Portage Associates at the East Riding and Howden Pre-school enough for planting the seeds for Harrison's education.

With Harrison's school journey beginning and educational support in place via an EHCP, we had outgrown our need for Early Support via Portage, but we did feel a little bit lost without a having a named person to contact whenever we were out of our depth.

Then we met Sarah, at the 0-25 service.

Sarah was not only a person on the other end of the phone, she visited us regularly and has become a dear family friend, accompanying us to hospital appointments and school EHCP reviews, referrals for additional services, mediating, advocating and fighting our corner with Harrison needs and well-being at heart. We are so thankful for everything she does to support us as a family and we would be lost without her!

Hannah and Harrison :-)

Student E

My daughter, was assessed by SAPTs in July and since returning to school in September the help they have put in place for her has made the world of difference. 

Donna (Brady) is easy to get hold of and always there to answer any questions I have. She is a wealth of knowledge in a world which can be scary to somebody who is new to it. She really gives the impression that she has your child's best interests at heart and is there to assist you when you need it.

The addition of Ms S in class with E 3 days a week has had the biggest impact on her. She helps her to access her aids and get set up in class so that she can then work independently. Not only does she assist with her visual needs but she is an emotional support for her too. 

E has grown in confidence the last few months and her work within school is already improving. She loves to read and the iPad she received means she can now access her reading books and read them much more comfortably.

I cannot thank the team for everything that they do to support children like E.

Student H

The SaPTS Team came into our lives as our son H transitioned from Nursery to Preschool and then onto full time education. He is registered severely sight impaired and we feel so grateful that this support has been available to us.

They are easy to reach out to for any questions or guidance we need from our perspective at home and have played an enormous part in H's education, providing specialist visually impaired teachers who are teaching him braille and touch typing as well as helping him keep up with his classmates with the regular school work. 

They have assisted the school in making all the lessons and play accessible to H which has meant that he feels included at all times.

Their help and support has really been immeasurable and we hope to keep working with them in the years to come.